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vExpert 2014

VMware vExpert 2014

I am very pleased to announce that I have been awarded the vExpert award from VMware for 2014.

The vExpert award is given to individuals who make a considerable effort within the community to share their expertise with others.

A vExpert is someone who is not necessarily a technical expert or even an expert in all things VMware, but rather someone who goes above and beyond their day job in the community to develop a platform of influence both publicly in books, blogs, online forums, and VMware User Groups; and privately inside customers and VMware partners.

I am proud that this blog, together with other efforts  such as Experts Exchange and Cloud Cred and StratoGen blog have been considered as a valuable part of the virtualisation community.

Congratulations to all my fellow vExperts, an amazing 754 people were awarded it this year I am honoured to be counted amongst that list.