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SBS2008 name resolution issues

‘If you’re running Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 – AKA SBS 2008 – You may experience occasional internet problems resolving certain websites and domain names… THe problem is caused by ‘Root Hints’ the method the server is using to resolve DNS requests. There are several workarounds to the issue, these include restarting the DNS server

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Exchange 2010 Anti-Spam modules install

Run the following command from the C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Scripts folder. ./install-AntispamAgents.ps1 2. After the script has run, restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service by running the following command. Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport For all anti-spam features to work correctly, you must have at least one IP address of an internal SMTP server set on the InternalSMTPServers parameter

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Exchange 2007 Powershell commands

Receive Connector —————– Define the FQDN: Set-ReceiveConnector “<Connector-Name>” – Set up Anonymous Authentication: (take a note of the current groups) Get-ReceiveConnector “<Connector-Name>” | Select PermissionsGroups (use the current value plus the new value) Set-ReceiveConnector “<Connector-Name>” –PermissionGroups:<AnonymousUsers, ExchangeUsers, ExchangeServers, ExchangeLegacyServers, Partners> ADMINISTRATION ++++++++++++++ New Mailbox User: New-Mailbox -Name “<name>” -Alias <alias> -Database “<mailboxdatabasename>” -UserPrincipalName <alias>@<domain.local> -OrganizationalUnit

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