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Connecting to an iSCSI SAN with Jumbo Frames enabled

The best way to add iSCSI storage is by utilizing dedicating NIC’s to iSCSI traffic, on dedicated VMkernel switches, with separate IP subnet address ranges and separate physical switches or VLAN’s. Enable Jumbo Frames on a vSwitch To enable Jumbo Frames on a vSwitch, change the MTU configuration for that vSwitch.  It is best to start with a new

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VMware NIC Trunking Design

Having read various books, articles, white papers and best practice guides I have found it difficult to find consistently good advice on vNetwork and physical switch teaming design so I thought I would write my own based on what I have tested and configured myself. To begin with I must say I am no networking

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Dell Switch Aggregation

To aggregate the ports together between two switches or between the switch and an ESX(i) host use these instructions * console enable * console# config * console(config-if)# interface range port-channel all * console(config-if)# shutdown * console(config-if)# interface range ethernet g(1-4) * console(config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto (add those ports to LAG 1 (of 8), and

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