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vMotion CPU Compatibility

vMotion has quite a few requirements that need to be in place before it will work correctly. Here is a list of the key requirements for vMotion to work. Each host must be correctly licensed Each host must meet shared storage requirements Each host must meet the networking requirements Each compatible CPU must be from

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Virtual Machine Memory Overhead

Windows virtual machines require more memory with each passing release and software demands on memory are becoming larger all the time.  In a vitual environment it is quite simple to increase the amount of virtual memory granted to a virtual machine, especially with features such as hot add.  The ability to dynamically increase the amount

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VMware NIC Trunking Design

Having read various books, articles, white papers and best practice guides I have found it difficult to find consistently good advice on vNetwork and physical switch teaming design so I thought I would write my own based on what I have tested and configured myself. To begin with I must say I am no networking

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