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Connecting to an iSCSI SAN with Jumbo Frames enabled

The best way to add iSCSI storage is by utilizing dedicating NIC’s to iSCSI traffic, on dedicated VMkernel switches, with separate IP subnet address ranges and separate physical switches or VLAN’s. Enable Jumbo Frames on a vSwitch To enable Jumbo Frames on a vSwitch, change the MTU configuration for that vSwitch.  It is best to start with a new

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ESXi update guide

This guide is written with ESXi 4.1 update 1 in mind, however it will work with any update version from 3.5 onwards. First off you will require vSphere CLI, this is a free download available to everyone with a valid VMware login.  If you don’t have one you can easily register for a new one.

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Upgrade an ESXi 4.0 Host to 4.1 with the vihostupdate Utility

1. Check for a scratch partition in the Software Advanced Settings in the Configuration tab of the vSphere Client. If one doesn’t exist configure one and reboot the host before proceeding with the upgrade. (See here for more info) 2. Download and install the VMware vSphere command line interface. (vSphere CLI) 3. Download the

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