NSX-T Troubleshooting

Posted on 30 Apr 2020

NSX-T Troubleshooting

Check L2 before L3.

Check (L2)

  • MTU
  • VLAN
  • TEP
    • IP
    • MTU
  • CCP

N-VDS settings (L3)

  • MTU (L2)
  • Routing table (L4)
  • TEP
  • vTEP tables
  • MAC tables

Manager Troubleshooting

CorfuDB3 nodesQuorum must be up, at least 2 corfu servers required for quorumGroup Member Leader Election Server (GMLE) helps in detecting the fault with an NSX Manager node failure.  It also helps elect a new leader per group.Day  2 OperationsUse st en to enter engineering mode (root privileged mode)

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vCloud Director REST API (vCloud API)

Posted on 17 Apr 2020

VMware vCloud Director has historically been written with the vCloud API as the primary API mechanism for API modification and access.
The vCloud API is being replaced by the open source vCloud Director OpenAPI, however the vCloud API can still be used to great effect on vCloud Director, up to and including vCD 10.x.

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NSX-T Command Line Reference Guide

Posted on 01 Feb 2020

Here is a reference guide for some useful command line tools you can run on NSX-T.

NSX CLI Introduction

NSX CLI (nsxcli) is the command line tool for troubleshooting NSX-T. It’s run in a non-root mode so you have to use the command structure available. For instance there is no grep, But you can use find and pipe instead.

You can use the nsxcli command line tool from various elements throughout the NSX-T deployment including NSX Manager, Edges and ESXi Transport Nodes.

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