Dell Switch Aggregation

To aggregate the ports together between two switches or between the switch and an ESX(i) host use these instructions

* console enable
* console# config
* console(config-if)# interface range port-channel all
* console(config-if)# shutdown
* console(config-if)# interface range ethernet g(1-4)
* console(config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto (add those ports to LAG 1 (of 8), and use the LACP protocol to configure the LAG)
* console(config-if)# int range port-channel 1
* console(config-if)# no spanning-tree disable
* console(config-if)# spanning-tree portfast
* console(config-if)# flowcontrol on
* console(config-if)# no shutdown
* console(config-if)# exit
* console(config)# exit
* console# copy running-config startup-config
* console# exit

* repeat the above on the partner switch and its LAG ports

Although this is for the Dell switches, it should work on HP ones too.

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